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Driveway Gate Experts Near You

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Superior Quality For Cheap

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Custom Gate Installation

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Driveway Gate & Opener Repair Experts

Driveway gates can have all sorts of issues over time. From rusty hinges that require welding to track problems and physical damage. Even gate openers can have a range of mechanical or electrical malfunctions. Because their complexity involves so many moving parts, eventually something's bound to go wrong. Whatever the problem, one thing's for sure. Gate Repair University Park can help. In fact, aside from repairs, you can also turn to us for gate installation services. This includes setting up a gate and fence perimeter as well as installing openers and intercoms. So, next time your gate is acting up, let us know. You can also get your driveway gate restored by a trusted professional. Or, get a free estimate on a new custom gate. Whatever service you need, we can deliver.

Restoring Old Gates

If you have a particularly old driveway gate or one that has taken a beating, we can help. Whether it's accumulated damage from the elements or an unexpected accident, your gate is probably still salvageable. Get in touch with Gate Repair University Park for assistance and tell us what you need. Whether you have a wooden gate that's rotting or an iron one suffering from rust, help is available for cheap. Even if you already have a custom made gate, we have the skills and experience to provide the reliable and cheap gate repair services you need.

Wood & Iron Gates

Many wooden gates tend to rot over time. Regular maintenance can delay the onset of rot and warping, but eventually, you'll likely need some repairs. Metal gates may give way to rust or galvanic corrosion. This often occurs in damp or coastal climates. Rust can take hold of gate hinges, wheels, and the screws and bolts. If this describes your gate, have us help with the repair and restoration. By keeping your driveway gate in good shape you can ensure the continuing security of your property.

Gate Openers – Mechanical + Electrical Parts

Your gate motor, which is part of the opener, is responsible for powering the movement of the system. The opener is in charge of automating your gate, making it safer and more convenient to use. These devices make for excellent additions. They do, however, need a little attention and restorative maintenance from time to time. Even worse, sometimes gate openers can fail without warning. This occurs because openers consist of a lot of small moving mechanical parts and electrical components. The more parts involved, the bigger the likelihood of malfunctions.

Why Things Break Down

Moving metal parts cause friction during their operation, which wears them down over time. Adverse weather conditions, minor accidents, and even burglaries may be another cause for your gate taking damages. Eventually, this will leave your motor and/or entire opener inoperable. Either that or it will render the opener unsafe to use or cause an inconvenience for you and your family. Gate opener repairs require technical knowledge and skill. Mishandling these procedures can cause more damage and result in more costly repairs. Leaving gate opener problems to your nearest experts (i.e. the Gate Repair University Park team) will save you time, money, and efforts.

Keeping your Gate Properly Aligned

The smoothness and durability of your driveway gate rely on its proper alignment. A misaligned gate may be difficult to operate. It can create gaps in your property's security. In addition, it may also lead to further, more expensive damages. That means more money spent on repairs. If you notice any alignment problems with your driveway gate, let us know. Get the system realigned and prevent problems from exacerbating further.

Hinges, Tracks, and Bearings

Many of the smaller components associated with your smooth gate operation gradually sustain damage. Lack of maintenance makes wear and tear occur more frequently. Unfortunately, damage to hardware gate parts may often go unnoticed. Usually, you'll only find out about the problem when the gate system fails. By that point, it'll be incredibly annoying. If you neglect things long enough, you'll end up finding your driveway gate inoperable. Therefore, regular maintenance can actually save you money and hassle.

Troubleshooting Your Gate

Different types of issues can clue you in as to the cause of the problem. If your gate isn’t opening smoothly, maybe the wheels are worn. Do you also hear loud squeaking? The hinges may be warped. A loud screeching noise could mean the sliding gate track got bent. Whatever the case, Gate Repair University Park has you covered. We offer high-quality replacement parts and professional hinge welding. That, combined with a same day repairs policy, makes us the best driveway gate experts near the Dallas area.

Safety Tests & Maintenance

Testing your sliding gate safety sensors regularly will help you prevent problems. This is a key point of gate maintenance which you should not neglect. Replacing worn parts and a little lubrication to help things run a little more smoothly also contribute to functionality. The more attention you pay to gate maintenance, the less money you'll need to spend. Driveway gate repairs at a later stage tend to cost more than preemptive maintenance.

Cheap Gate Repair Services Near University Park

Regardless of what kind of driveway gate you have, knowing who to call for repairs can help you a lot. Well, good news then. Gate Repair University Park services the entire Dallas municipal area. If you're in any of the nearby cities and you need help from experts regarding automatic gates and openers, give us a call. Same day repairs available 7-days a week. You can also schedule a consultation to get a free estimate on a new driveway gate. One phone call is all you need.

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Gate Repair University Park offers low cost services all around the Dallas, TX area. Whether it's new gate installation or opener repairs that you need, you can leave it to us. Get a free estimate on a new driveway gate anytime by contacting us and scheduling a consultation appointment. Need help with an automatic gate opener that's not working? Go ahead and give us a call for emergency repairs. Whatever you need, we can take care of it.


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