Gate Tips from the Experts

These are useful tips and tricks composed by our expert technicians who have been in the field of gate repairing and maintenance for many years. These will help you make better decisions, like the frequency of maintenance, and take total control of your property. Read more!

  • Use high-quality lubricant for smooth cycles

    Getting all of the many parts of your gate moving smoothly sounds much more difficult than it actually is. All it takes is some lubricant and you’re good to go! If the wheels, bearings and hinges of your gate are exposed, we suggest that you apply marine-grade grease to the parts by using a grease gun. If your gate uses a chain, that will have to be lubricated as well.

  • Fix any loose screws

    It’s a good idea to always make sure that all of the small parts of your gate, such as the screws and bolts, are tightened. You also need to check your electrical components to ensure that they’re also tightened as the movement and vibration of continually opening and closing the gate may loosen the motor box, or even the track itself. The gate itself may have lovely decorations which may loosen over time and get stuck in the track.