Gate Repair

Residential gates are subject to wear and tear over time. This is only normal, as they get used a lot and are exposed to the elements all year long. If your commercial or residential gate is not working properly, or if not doing so smoothly, it can be a major inconvenience, not to mention a safety risk. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Gate Repair University Park takes care of all your gate needs.

Fast Driveway Gate Repair

Gate Repair and ReplaceOf all types of residential gates, driveway gates are among those that need the most attention. Not only are these gates larger and feature more advanced locks, but often they are motorized, which adds to the complexity of the problem at hand. Poor gate alignment, whether the result of a less-than-perfect original installation or wear and tear is another issue. Our gate repair experts are familiar with all these problems and can fix them for you.

Wrought Iron Gate Repair

Wrought iron gates are beautiful and sturdy. They can add to the appeal of any residence, and also keep security threats at bay. But during their lifespan, these gates may require repairs on hinges, opener or intercom, to name only a few parts. All these problems have to be fixed in a way that does not affect the integrity or design of the gates. Our experts fix such issues on a regular basis.

Security Gate Repair

When your security gate doesn’t work the way it should, fix it as soon as possible. Not only will this eliminate security threats, but also help keep your repair costs in check. Leaving a gate unfix can aggravate the damage and force upon you a complete replacement. Make sure that doesn’t happen by calling our professional service, and we will solve the problem quickly.

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A gate keeps your property safe and provides easy access to it. Don’t neglect to maintain your gate – this is far cheaper than having to replace it later on.

We are more than happy to use our experience and skill to fix your problem. Contact us today.