Gate Openers

If you’ve never considered having a gate opener installed on your driveway gate, you could be missing out. Today the range of openers available on the market is wide and accommodating to all needs and preferences. Here we list several of the top reasons to upgrade your front gate with a modern opener system.

Beautiful Convenience

Gate Openers in University ParkNothing beats being able to enter and exit your home without having to leave the car to open and close the gate behind you. You can control your automatic gate opener from a remote in your car or clicker on the wall inside your house. This is also incredibly handy and impressive when receiving guests, especially if you live on a large property that features a generous amount of space between the front gate and your front door.


If you are reaching an age or condition where physical chores need to be reduced, having an opener installed can be a very sensible idea for your health. This can be especially true if you have a large and heavy gate but don’t want to have to swap it for a smaller less straining design. Keep the large and grand design you prefer, while letting the opener handle the hard work of operating it for you.

Curb Appeal

Many of your neighbors may already have automatic gates on their driveways. Keep up with standards and help maintain or increase the value of your house with one of the best openers on the market. If they are installed expertly, they certainly don’t have to be an eyesore or disrupt your current styling. Much of the time openers are well concealed and can be quite invisible to those passing your property or driving through the gate.

Gate Opener Experts

Gate Repair University Park can provide maintenance and the installation of any type of gate opener. Our gate repair services include replacement parts, motor repair, drive chain servicing and professional maintenance. Call us now today to arrange a call out. We can perform expert troubleshooting and ensure your gate is returned to perfect working order right away.