Gate Installation

Automatic front gates offer convenience and safety. If you’ve never considered having a gate opener installed on your front gate, you might be interested to know the benefits that such an upgrade can make. Here we go over some of the most attractive reasons to have an automatic gate installed as opposed to keeping a manual.

Installing Gate Safety Measures

Gate Install TexasAutomatic gate openers have sensors that detect oncoming objects and either stop the gate right away or control it to reverse. If you keep a manual gate, there can be nothing to prevent it from hitting your car or people in its way should it ever swing out of control. It can also be particularly frustrating being pinched or caught by the gate as it closes. With properly fitted sensors these issues can be a thing of the past. Whether you gate is a sliding or swing design, there will be packages that feature safety measures to fit your gate perfectly.

Absolute Convenience

Automatic gates can be configured to be activated in a number of ways. Control it from inside your house, or from your car. Some packages even come with apps that will allow you to activate your gate from your mobile phone should this be a preference for you. Gates have to be fitted perfectly before they can be made automatic with an opener. Fitting an opener to an inadequately installed gate can generate excessive strain for the opener components. Our technicians would check your properties conditions and requirements to ensure your driveway gate is installed correctly.

Professional Gate Installation

As a professional gate installation company, Gate Repair University Park specializes in the installation of all forms of driveway gates. We can work with any design and ensure your gate installation is completed to the highest standards. Avoid the strains and frustrations of having to build your own gate by having one of our highly trained technicians execute it for you.

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