FAQs for Residential Gate Owners

Written by our expert in-house team of skilled technicians, the following answers to the frequently asked questions will allow you to make the right decisions when it comes to repair, replacement, or maintenance of your electric gate. Read more!

What are gate pin hinges?

These are the traditional hinges found in small swing gates. Each hinge consists of two hollow metal sections – one is attached to the panel and the other one to the post. They are connected by a pin which goes through them. This is how the gate can open and close smoothly. Since these hinges bear a lot of weight and do hard work daily, they require annual lubrication to stay in good shape.

Should I apply grease directly to the sliding gate chain?

This is not a good idea as you can easily leave marks onto the panels and the rest of the hardware such as the wheels and the track. Needless to say, these marks are hard to get rid of. It is best to apply a good amount of grease to a lint-free cloth and rub the chain with it.