About Us – Gate Repair University Park

Our company specializes in repairing all types of gates with all sorts of issues. We also perform installation of gates and other components such as openers. Call our company now to avail of our services.

Pride in Our Gate Services

The services that we offer you, our customers, here at Gate Repair University Park are designed to be reliable and effective in addressing the issues that you might face with your gate setups. Our years in the industry make us perfectly qualified to provide you the services you need. We fix wooden gates that may have some parts that are already disintegrating due to rot, and take care of metal gates that may have some broken welds, dents or even eroded parts. We repair hinges, panels and every other supplemental or complementary component or hardware that make up the gate setup. These include the remote controlled or automatic gate opener as well as the intercom systems.

Gate Repair University Park and Installation

Not only are we adept at gate repair, we are also very much capable of providing you with the installation services that you prefer. If you don’t have a gate as of yet but you’re contemplating getting one, then calling us will be the best thing that you’ll do. We install brand new gates that will be customized according to your specifications. We can make them out of a majority of wooden materials or we can make them out of metals such as wrought iron or steel. We can even make them out of both wood and metal to get the best of both worlds. Aside from brand new gates, we also install remote controlled or fully automatic operators. We can also add another layer to your home security by providing you with an intercom system you can use to screen your visitors.

Maintaining an Optimum Gate

The performance of a gate will depend mostly on the weakest part of the entire setup. If there are hinges that have rusted through or if the screws or welds used to keep them in place have failed, then the gate is in danger of falling out of its post. This could very well happen if the post itself is already eroded. If your gate is automated or remotely controlled, another component that certainly produces either a positive or negative effect on its overall function is the operator. Openers such as the trusty Elite openers, while reliable and durable, will still need some periodic testing and maintenance to ensure that they are performing at optimal levels. Call us up at Gate Repair University Park and we’ll gladly handle this for you. We’ll perform safety checks and minor repairs. If we find that certain parts are worn out, then we’ll provide brand new replacement parts to make your hardware function at their best.

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